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Why does the vacuum coating Sputtering targets material become black?



【doubt】The color of the upper and lower boards of the vacuum coating is not the same, and the colors of the two ends of a board are different, (we produce rose gold) What is the reason for the black color, please answer, thank you.


 【answer】The black color is caused by the residual air in the furnace and the low vacuum value..The inconsistency of your color may be due to the difference between the position of your target and the position of the substrate..


I believe that through the answers of the above experts, you have a certain understanding of “why the vacuum coating target material is black”, then, what specific application does vacuum coating technology have in lifeLet’s take a look at the introduction of Okai target editor.


  Application of vacuum coating technology


1. Application in the field of optical film: anti-reflection film, high-reflection film, cut-off filter, anti-counterfeiting film, etc..


2. Application in architectural glass: solar control film, low-e glass, anti-fog, anti-dew and self-cleaning glass, etc..


3. Application in protective coatings: blades of aircraft engines, automobile steel plates, heat sinks, etc..


4. Application in hard coating: cutting tools, molds, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts, etc..


5. Applications in the field of solar energy utilization: solar collector tubes, solar cells, etc..


6. Application in integrated circuit manufacturing: film resistors, film capacitors, film temperature sensors, etc..


7. Application in the field of information storage: magnetic information storage, magneto-optical information storage, etc..


8. Application in the field of information display: LCD screen, plasma screen, etc..


9. Application in decorative jewelry: coating on mobile phone cases, watch cases, spectacle frames, hardware, small accessories, etc..


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