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What role does metal molybdenum target play in the field of mobile phone LCD screens?


Nowadays, there are people with heads down everywhere, and mobile phones have become the most indispensable thing for the public, and mobile phone displays are becoming more and more high-end, full-screen design, small bangs design, and an important step required to make mobile phone LCD screens, Do you know what it is?—Coating, using magnetron sputtering technology to sputter metallic molybdenum from the molybdenum target onto the liquid crystal glass. The following editor will introduce you in detail.

As an advanced thin film material preparation technology, sputtering has two characteristics: “high speedandlow temperature”.It uses the ions generated by the ion source to accelerate the accumulation of high-speed ion current in the vacuum, bombard the solid surface, and exchange the kinetic energy between the ions and the atoms on the solid surface, so that the atoms on the solid surface leave the target and deposit on the surface of the substrate to form a nanometer. (Or micron) film.The bombarded solid is a material deposited by a sputtering method, which is called a sputtering target..

In the electronics industry, molybdenum sputtering targets are mainly used for flat-panel displays, thin-film solar cell electrodes and wiring materials, and semiconductor barrier materials.

These are based on molybdenum’s high melting point, high conductivity, low specific impedance, good corrosion resistance and good environmental performance.

In the past, the wiring material for flat-panel displays was mainly chromium, but as flat-panel displays increase in size and accuracy, materials with lower specific impedance are increasingly required.In addition, environmental protection is also an issue that must be considered.Molybdenum has the advantage that the specific impedance and film stress are only 1/2 of that of chromium, and there is no environmental pollution problem, so it has become one of the materials for the sputtering target of the flat panel display..

In addition, molybdenum is used in LCD components, which can greatly improve the performance of liquid crystal displays in terms of brightness, contrast, color and life..In the flat panel display industry, one of the main market applications of molybdenum sputtering targets is the TFT-LCD field.

Market research shows that the next few years will be the peak period of LCD development, with an annual growth rate of about 30%.With the development of LCD, the consumption of LCD sputtering targets has also grown rapidly, with an annual growth rate of about 20%.

In addition to the flat panel display industry, with the development of the new energy industry, the application of molybdenum sputtering targets in thin-film solar photovoltaic cells is also increasing..

The molybdenum sputtering target is mainly used to form the electrode layer of CIGS (copper indium gallium selenium) thin film battery by sputtering.Among them, Mo is at the bottom of the solar cell. As the back contact of the solar cell, it plays a very important role in the nucleation, growth and morphology of CIGS thin film crystals..

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