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The main component structure of the plane target



  Main plane targets:

High-purity aluminum target Al High-purity copper target Cu High-purity iron target Fe High-purity titanium target Ti High-purity nickel target Ni

High-purity magnesium target Mg High-purity chromium target Cr High-purity zinc target Zn High-purity silver target Ag High-purity cobalt target Co

High-purity niobium target Nb High-purity tin target Sn High-purity indium target In High-purity zirconium target Zr High-purity tantalum target Ta

High-purity germanium target Ge, high-purity silicon target, Si, high-purity tungsten target, W, high-purity hafnium target, Hf, high-purity yttrium target, Y

High-purity gadolinium target Gd High-purity samarium target Sm High-purity dysprosium target Dy High-purity cerium target Ce High-purity lanthanum target La

High-purity gold target Au High-purity graphite target C High-purity selenium target Se High-purity molybdenum target Mo

 High purity alloySputtering target

Binary alloy target

Nickel chromium target Ni-Cr Nickel iron target Ni-Fe Nickel cobalt target Ni-Co Nickel zirconium target Ni-Zr Nickel aluminum target Ni-Al Nickel copper target Ni-Cu Nickel vanadium target Ni-V Copper indium target Cu-In Copper gallium Target Cu-Ga Copper Selenium Target Cu-Se Titanium Aluminum Target Ti-Al Aluminum Silicon Target Al-Si Aluminum Copper Target Al-Cu Aluminum Titanium Target Al-Ti Aluminum Magnesium Target Al-Mg Silver Copper Target Ag-Cu Iron Manganese Target Fe -Mn indium tin target In-Sn cobalt iron target Co-Fe tungsten titanium target W-Ti zinc aluminum target Zn-Al aluminum scandium target Al-Sc copper tin target Cu-Sn zirconium aluminum target Zr-Al zirconium iron target Zr-Fe Zirconium Silicon Target Zr-Si Vanadium Aluminum Target V-Al Boron Iron Target B-Fe

Multi-element alloy target

Cobalt iron boron target Co-Fe-B copper indium gallium target Cu-In-Ga copper indium gallium selenium target Cu-In-Ga-Se, etc..


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