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Introduction to target types and application fields


Target material is the target material bombarded by high-speed energetic particles. It is used in high-energy laser weapons. When lasers with different power densities, different output waveforms, and different wavelengths interact with different targets, different killing and destruction effects will be produced. .For example: Evaporative magnetron sputtering coating is heating evaporation coatingAluminum film, etc..Replace different target materials (such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium, nickel targets, etc.) to get different film systems (such as super-hard, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion alloy film, etc.).

  Target types: ⒈ metal target ⒉ ceramic target ⒊ alloy target

  Microelectronics: The semiconductor industry has the most stringent requirements for the quality of the target material, which requires the manufactured target material to have a better microstructure. The crystal particle diameter and uniformity of the target material have been considered to affect the film deposition rate Key factors: Targets for flat panel displays:

  There are currently two types of 1TO target materials, one is to use nano-state indium oxide and tin oxide powder mixed and sintered, the other is to use indium tin alloy target.Target materials for storage technology: In terms of storage technology, the development of high-density and large-capacity hard disks requires the giant magnetoresistive film materials made of humans, and the CoF ~Cu multilayer composite film is now a widely used giant magnetoresistive film structure.

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