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How to prepare sputtering target


Sputtering target refers to a sputtering source that is sputtered and deposited on a substrate by magnetron sputtering, multi-arc ion plating or other types of coating equipment under appropriate process conditions to form various functional thin films.Sputtering targets are widely used in many fields such as decoration, tooling, glass, electronic devices, semiconductors, magnetic recording, flat display, solar cells, etc. The target materials required in different fields are different.

Preparation of sputtering target

The preparation of sputtering target materials can be divided into two categories: molten casting and powder metallurgy according to the process. In addition to strictly controlling the purity, density, grain size and crystal orientation of the material, the heat treatment conditions and subsequent processing methods also need to be strictly controlled. control.

1. Powder metallurgy
When preparing targets by powder metallurgy, the key lies in: (1) selecting high-purity and ultra-fine powder as raw materials; (2) selecting a forming and sintering technology that can achieve rapid densification to ensure low porosity of the target and control Grain size; (3) The preparation process strictly controls the introduction of impurity elements.

2. Melting casting method
Melting casting method is one of the basic methods for making sputtering targets.In order to ensure that the content of impurity elements in the ingot is as low as possible, its smelting and casting are usually carried out under vacuum or protective atmosphere.However, during the casting process, it is inevitable that there is a certain porosity inside the material structure. These pores will cause the particles to splash during the sputtering process, thereby affecting the quality of the sputtered film..For this reason, follow-up thermal processing and heat treatment processes are required to reduce its porosity.

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