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High-quality vacuum coating materials (4N



1.Oxide: silicon monoxide target, SiO target, silicon dioxide target, SiO2 target, titanium dioxide target, TiO2 target, zirconium dioxide target, ZrO2 target, hafnium dioxide target, HfO2 target , Titanium monoxide target, TiO target, titanium pentoxide target, Ti3O5 target, niobium pentoxide target, Nb2O5 target, tantalum pentoxide, Ta2O5 target, yttrium oxide target, Y2O3 target High-purity oxide coating materials.

  2.Fluoride: neodymium fluoride target, NbF3 target, barium fluoride target, BaF2 target, cerium fluoride target, CeF3 target, magnesium fluoride target, MgF2 target, lanthanum fluoride target, LaF3 Targets, yttrium fluoride targets, YF3 targets, ytterbium fluoride targets, YbF3 targets, erbium fluoride targets, ErF3 targets and other high-purity fluorides.

  3.Other compounds: zinc sulfide target, ZnS target, zinc selenide target, ZnSe target, titanium nitride target, TiN target, silicon carbide target, SiC target, lanthanum titanate target, LaTiO3 target , Barium titanate target, BaTiO3 target, strontium titanate target, SrTiO3 target, praseodymium titanate target, PrTiO3 target, cadmium sulfide target, CdS target and other vacuum coating materials.

  4.Metal coating materials: high-purity aluminum target, Al target, high-purity copper target, Cu target, high-purity titanium target, Ti target, high-purity silicon target, Si target, high-purity gold target, Au target Material, high-purity silver target, Ag target, high-purity indium target, In target, high-purity magnesium target, Mg target, high-purity zinc target, Zn target, high-purity platinum target, Pt target, high-purity Germanium target, Ge target, high-purity nickel target, Ni target, high-purity gold target, Au target, gold-germanium alloy target, AuGe target, gold-nickel alloy target, AuNi target, nickel-chromium alloy target, NiCr target, titanium aluminum alloy target, TiAl target, copper indium gallium alloy target, CuInGa target, copper indium gallium selenide alloy target, CuInGaSe target, zinc aluminum alloy target, ZnAl target, aluminum silicon alloy Target material, AlSi target material and other metal coating materials.

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