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Explain the effect of sputtering target detitanium agent


The target material has a wide range of applications and a huge market development space. A high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly and non-toxic decoating solution produced by the combination of the detitanium agent and the characteristics of PVD coating.

  Due to its non-toxic and environmentally friendly characteristics, the detitanium agent will never damage the electroplating protective paint and the substrate, and quickly peel off the IP coating, which has a good color separation effect..It is mainly aimed at the ion decorative plating industry with Ti, TiN, TiCN, Ti+SS, Ti+Cr, Zr, ZrCN, TiALN, ZrALN, new products with plasma coating de-filming.

  In terms of electro-color separation in the ion decorative plating room, it has shown more outstanding performance.Since the traditional film removal methods use strong acids and alkalis, they will cause greater damage to the electroplating protective paint, and it is easy to produce the phenomenon of perforation of the protective paint and dog teeth, which will cause a lot of defects after the color separation..It is suitable for all bottom layers and substrates of steel, copper, alloy, PNP, PCP, nickel, etc. The sputtering target material has the ability to remove the film quickly in about 1-2 minutes, and is non-toxic, odorless, colorless and transparent, and does not damage the bottom layer. Features, especially after the IP coating on the PNP, PCP, and steel substrates is retired, it can be directly cleaned into the furnace, and then the IP coating is deposited, and the combination is good, no need to re-electrochemical plating the bottom layer.

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