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Advantages of cylindrical and planar magnetron sputtering targets


Compared with other forms of magnetron sputtering targets, cylindrical and planar magnetron sputtering targets retain the advantages of good coating uniformity for rectangular flat targets, and can maximize the target material through the following two ways Utilization rate:

(1) When the two groups (four) of the ring-shaped pits on the target surface reach a certain depth, the target core (magnet part) can be rotated 45° relative to the target tube, so that the other areas on the target tube that have not been corroded can be Make use of

(2) When the target core of the cylindrical and planar magnetron sputtering target is designed as a rotating target core, (the target core is rotating during sputtering), the surface of the target material can be sputtered evenly layer by layer, and There will be no pits. At this time, the target material will be used most effectively, and the utilization rate of the target material can reach 50% to 60%. When the target material is a precious metal material, this is undoubtedly of great significance..

By adopting the principle of magnet and shoe in the coaxial cylindrical magnetron sputtering target to solve the problem of the end magnetic field, the rectangular planar target can be evolved into a cylindrical, planar magnetron sputtering target, which retains the coating of the rectangular planar target In the case of good uniformity, the utilization rate of the target material can be maximized, thereby improving economic benefits.

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