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On July 21, the reporter came to Shaanxi Zhongbei Titanium Tantalum Niobium Metal Materials Co.
The silvery finished products with a metallic luster, some are round tubes, some are rectangular pieces. “This is the raw material used in the Apple cell phone display?”In the face of the reporter’s questions, Mr. Qi Baoming, the person in charge of the enterprise, introduced that the finished products they produce are processed from non-ferrous metals and rare metals into coating targets, which are the raw materials for display screen coating. “After the raw materials are provided to other manufacturers, they vaporize the raw materials through the equipment, uniformly sprayed on the surface of the glass to form a coating, with this layer of coating, the glass can display the image.Mr. Qi Baoming said.









To make a qualified coating of raw materials is not easy, first of all, the ratio of metals to be just right, gasification to form a fine and uniform metal particles. Secondly, to fully fuse several metals, the temperature is also very critical, too hot and too cold can not be, a little bad control will change the state, affecting the effect of the finished product. In addition, the application on the display and automotive glass, bathroom products, the need for different types of metal, the ratio, temperature and technology are also different. For this reason, the enterprise did not spend a lot of time on research and development experiments, especially to supply raw materials for Apple cell phone display, the requirements are more stringent, they often work continuously overtime for experiments, even holidays do not rest, just the waste of materials worth more than 100,000 yuan.
Mr. Qi Baoming told reporters that the enterprise has gradually transformed into a high-tech enterprise since its establishment in 2017, mainly producing sputtering and vacuum coating targets of tantalum, niobium, zirconium, hafnium, vanadium, nickel, titanium and multi-metals, and the products are used in industries such as display screens, cameras, sanitary ware, ceramic tools, large glass, auto parts and photoelectricity. “In order to enhance our strength, we also continue to conduct research and development, and since the company was established, we have owned seven utility model patented technologies.Qi Baoming introduced, “high purity niobium rotary targetpatented technology is one of their most important technology, the entire research and development experimental process for nearly four years. The reporter learned that this technology is mainly used for large glass coating, according to the previous technology, the coating is very easy to produce larger metal particles, will make the glass pit, so that the whole product will be scrapped. After applying this technology, the sputtering is more uniform and the finished product rate is increased by 20%.
Shaanxi Zhongbei Titanium-Tantalum-Niobium Metal Materials Co., Ltd. relies on its own core technology and the concept of honest management, with constant product orders and positive feedback from users. It is reported that in the first three quarters of this year, the enterprise has received more than one hundred orders and the sales revenue reached more than 18 million.

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