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According to the impurity content, titanium is divided into high-purity titanium (purity up to 99.9%) and industrial pure titanium (purity up to 99.5%). Industrial pure titanium has three grades, respectively, with TA + sequential number of numbers 1, 2, 3, the larger the number, the lower the purity.

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1. the performance of pure titanium.
Ti: 4.507 g/cm3, Tm: 1688 ℃. With isotropic transformation, ≤ 882.5 ℃ for the dense hexagonal structure of the α-phase, ≥ 882.5 ℃ body-centered cubic structure of the β-phase. Pure titanium has low strength, but high specific strength, good plasticity, good low temperature toughness, and high corrosion resistance. Titanium has good pressure machining process performance, cutting performance is poor. Titanium in nitrogen heating can occur combustion, so titanium in heating and welding should be protected by argon gas.
2.the use of pure titanium.
Impurity content has a great impact on the performance of titanium, a small amount of impurities can significantly improve the strength of titanium, so industrial pure titanium strength is high, close to the level of high-strength aluminum alloy, mainly used in the manufacture of petrochemical heat exchangers, reactors, ship parts, aircraft skins, etc. working at temperatures below 350 ℃.

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