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The highest purity of common metal Sputtering targets



We all know that there are many classification methods for targets.According to the type of material, target materials include metal and alloy targets, inorganic non-metallic targets and composite targets, etc..According to different geometric shapes, the target materials are divided into long (square) cuboid-shaped targets, cylindrical-shaped targets and irregular-shaped targets..Many friends have questions about the purity of metal targets. Let’s take a look at the explanations of Okey’s target experts..


The highest purity of common metal targets:


The highest purity of titanium target can reach Ti——99.999%

The highest purity of tantalum target can reach Ta——99.995%

The highest purity of aluminum target can reach AL—–99.9995%

The highest purity of copper target can reach Cu—–99.9999%

The highest purity of gold target (Au) can reach Au—–99.999%


Due to the large-scale development and application of electronic films, optical films, optoelectronic films, magnetic films, and superconducting films in high-tech and industrial applications, target materials have gradually developed into a specialized industry.With the continuous development of high and new technology, the world’s target market will further expand.


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