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The development of high-purity aluminum sputtering target industry


The development of high-purity aluminum sputtering target industry.With the rapid development of the electronic new material industry, the demand for new electronic material products (including targets) based on high-purity aluminum will maintain rapid growth.During the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, my country’s “National High-Tech Research and Development Program (863 Program) New Material Technology Field “Large-size Ultra-high-Purity Aluminum Target Manufacturing Technology” Key Project Application Guidelines” requires the goal to be achieved: through ultra-high-purity aluminum And the key technology in the preparation and processing of aluminum alloy targets, and fully grasp the preparation and processing technology of large-size ultra-high-purity aluminum and aluminum alloy targets used in large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing and TFT-LCD manufacturing; Ultra-high-purity aluminum and aluminum alloy target products required for integrated circuit manufacturing and TFT-LCD use; providing key technical support for the formation of a complete industrial chain from ultra-high-purity aluminum refining and purification to target processing in my country.Domestic demand for aluminum electrolytic capacitors will grow at an average annual rate of 13-15%.With the localization of storage disks and semiconductor products in China, the demand for high-purity aluminum targets will further increase, and the market prospects are broad.

According to statistics, the annual gap of domestic high-purity aluminum is about 100,000 tons.By the end of 2008, there may be 8 enterprises that can produce high-purity aluminum, with a total production capacity of about 5.70,000 tons. By 2012, the number of companies that can produce high-purity aluminum will increase to 11, and the total production capacity may reach 12.50,000 tons.I believe that with the development of domestic production technology and the improvement of product quality, high-purity aluminum will be a new direction for the development of the aluminum industry.Judging from the upstream supply of high-purity aluminum targets, my country’s high-purity aluminum production is not high, nor can it meet the national high-purity aluminum target production needs..The rest can only come from imports.At present, the annual output of high-purity aluminum in my country is about 50,000 tons, and the supply of products exceeds demand..

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