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Targets used for sputtering coating of electronic products


Electronic products are used in all walks of life, and most of these electronic products need to be coated before being put into the market. Nowadays, the commonly used vacuum coating equipment is magnetron sputtering vacuum coating machine. Here, we come Take a look at the targets used in sputtering.Generally, the target materials we use are nothing more than three types: metal targets, alloy targets, and compound targets..

There are many targets used in hard disks. Multi-layer films are plated on the recording surface. Each film has its own function. On the bottom layer, 40nm thick chromium or chromium alloy will be plated to enhance the adhesion and corrosion resistance. , And then plated with 15nm thick cobalt chromium alloy in the middle, and then plated with 35nm thick cobalt alloy, as a magnetic material, this material can fully reflect the characteristics of magnetism and low interference, and finally plated with 15nm thick carbon film.

The sputtering target of the magnetic head is commonly used iron-nickel alloy, and some new compound materials have been added later, such as iron nitride, iron tantalum nitride, iron aluminum nitride, etc., which are all high-quality magnetic dielectric film target materials.

CD discs will use aluminum film as a reflective layer to be plated on plastic workpieces, but for CDROM and DVDROM discs, aluminum film cannot be used, because there will be a layer of dye on these discs, and the substance on the Aluminum is corrosive to a certain degree, and it is generally replaced by gold or silver film.

The film layer of the optical disc is also composed of multiple layers. It is coated with a 30nm thick iron-cobalt alloy recording layer on the dye layer, which is mixed with amorphous rare earth transition elements, and then coated with a 20 to 100nm thick silicon nitride dielectric layer. Finally coated with aluminum reflective layer.

These electronic products that need to achieve magnetic properties and can record data, to achieve these functions, still need to rely on the film sputtered by various substances, and the order of the crystal states displayed after the film is formed..

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