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Usually the material to be deposited is made into a plate-target and fixed on the cathode.The substrate is placed on the anode facing the target surface at a certain distance from the target.After the system is pumped to a high vacuum, it is filled with (10~1) Pa of gas (usually argon), and a voltage of several thousand volts is applied between the cathode and the anode, and a glow discharge is generated between the two electrodes..The positive ions produced by the discharge fly to the cathode under the action of an electric field and collide with the atoms on the target surface. The target atoms that escape from the target surface due to the collision are called sputtering atoms, and their energy is in the range of 1 to tens of electron volts..Sputtered atoms are deposited on the surface of the substrate to form a film.Among them, magnetron sputtering can be considered as one of the most outstanding achievements in coating technology..It has become a coating industry application field (especially architectural coating glass, transparent conductive film glass, flexible substrate The preferred solution for continuous coating occasions with particularly stringent requirements on the uniformity of a large area, such as winding plating..


domesticSputtering target manufacturersHow to choose?Which sputtering target manufacturer is better?To choose a sputtering target that suits you, you must first understand your own needs and understand the basic knowledge of sputtering targets.So for the choice of sputtering target manufacturers, the editor will analyze the following aspects for everyone:


Sputtering belongs to three basic methods of PDV (Physical Vapor Deposition): vacuum evaporation, sputtering, ion plating (hollow cathode ion plating, hot cathode ion plating, arc ion plating, active reactive ion plating, radio frequency ion plating, DC discharge ion plating) ).

1. Classification of sputtering targets

Ceramic sputtering target, silicide ceramic sputtering target, sulfide ceramic sputtering target, telluride ceramic sputtering target, other ceramic targets, chromium-doped silicon monoxide ceramic target (Cr-SiO), phosphorus Indium target (InP), lead arsenide target (PbAs).

Metal sputtering coating target, alloy sputtering coating target, ceramic sputtering coating target, boride ceramic sputtering target, carbide ceramic sputtering target, fluoride ceramic sputtering target, nitride ceramic sputtering Target, oxide ceramic target, selenide.

Two: Target application industry classification

1. Solar photovoltaic and thermal industryTarget

Zinc aluminum oxide target ZAO; silicon target; titanium target, titanium oxide target; aluminum target; chromium target, nickel chromium; zinc aluminum, tungsten, molybdenum

Target etc..

2. Chromium target (Cr), plane chromium target, sprayed chromium tube;

Cr-silicon target 90/10Wt%, 50/50at%, 25/75at% (arc, plane target, rotating tube target);

Titanium aluminum target 50/50at%, 70Ti/30at%, 67AL/33at% (arc, plane target, rotating tube target);

Titanium aluminum silicon target 1:1:1at%, 1:2:1at% (arc, plane target, rotating tube target);

Titanium target, titanium tube target, zirconium target;

Gold target, rose gold target;

Graphite target, nickel target, aluminum target, stainless steel target, etc..

3. Large-area coating of architectural automotive glass

Silicon aluminum target, rotating silicon aluminum target; titanium oxide target; tin target; chromium target; silicon target; titanium target, stainless steel target.

4. Optical, optical communication, optical storage industry

Silver target; Tantalum target; Zinc sulfide target; High-purity aluminum target; Silicon target.


5. Flat display industry

ITO target; silicon dioxide target; high purity silicon target 5-7N; high purity chromium target 3N5; TFT molybdenum target; molybdenum niobium target; tungsten titanium

Target 90/10wt%; high-purity aluminum target, etc..

How should domestic sputtering target manufacturers choose?

First of all, the strength of the manufacturer.

Second, the added value of the manufacturer’s products.

Finally, as a franchise agent, you must go to the manufacturer’s headquarters to inspect and inspect. It seems that everyone knows how to do it..

Baoji Oukai Sputtering Target Technology Co., Ltd. is your best choice. We provide high-quality targets for the following industries: solar photovoltaic industry, decoration and functional coating industry, flat display industry, architectural glass/auto glass industry, Flexible web coating industry, optical data storage industry, optical communication/optical industry, magnetic data storage, semiconductor and other industrial fields.At the same time, we can also develop new targets according to customer requirements and provide target metalization, bonding and backplane services.

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