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Zirconium tube rod

Zirconium ,

Name: Zirconium tube rod
Zirconium alloy tubular material is made from zirconium metal and other metals. Due to the excellent nuclear properties and corrosion resistance of zirconium, zirconium alloy tube rods are often used for nuclear fuel assemblies and in-stack structures in water-cooled reactors and are an important nuclear material. Pure zirconium tubular rods are mainly used in the manufacture of chemical equipment, as they are expensive and not yet used in large quantities. The chemical composition of the commonly used zirconium pipe rods and their applications are shown in the table, among which zirconium-tin alloy pipe rods are used more often.

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1) Zirconium has a strong affinity with gases, it starts to react with oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen at about 200, 300 and 400°C respectively, and reacts rapidly at higher temperatures, thus melting and casting, heat treatment should be carried out in a vacuum furnace. When thermal processing is carried out in the atmosphere, proper protection measures should be taken and the operating time at high temperatures should be shortened.
(2) Zirconium has a high coefficient of friction with the mold and is easily adhered to the mold surface; the thermal effect of plastic deformation is significant, and good lubrication conditions are required for processing.
(3) The processing specification has a more sensitive effect on the performance of the product. Special attention should be paid to the control of the finished product before the cold processing and heat treatment process to meet the requirements of use.
(4) The dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the tube and bar are very high. Therefore, the process equipment should have good precision, mold design and production should be advanced and reasonable

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