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Overview of ITO targets


ITO material is an N-type semiconductor material, which includes ITO powder, target, conductive paste and ITO transparent conductive film.Its main applications are divided into: flat panel display (FPD) industry, such as liquid crystal display (LCD), thin film transistor display (TFT-LCD), electroluminescent display (EL), field emission display (FED), electro-organic light emitting flat panel display (OELD), plasma display (PDP), etc.; photovoltaic industry, such as thin-film solar cells; functional glass, such as infrared reflective glass, anti-ultraviolet glass such as curtain wall glass, aircraft, automobile anti-fog windshield, mask and glass Three major areas such as type disks.

The current domestic demand for ITO targets is about 150 tons.With the development of China’s economy and the deepening of the global industrial division of labor, many flat panel display manufacturers in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea have moved their manufacturing bases to mainland China. In the future, mainland China will become the world’s largest LCD manufacturing center.It is estimated that the domestic demand for ITO target materials in 2012 will exceed 500 tons.
For the supply of ITO target materials, the main suppliers are mainly from Japan. Among them, Japan Energy, Japan Mitsui Mining Corporation, and Japan Tosoh include more than 80% of the ITO market..

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