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The use of target in vacuum electroplating


The target material has many functions, and the market development space is large, it has very good uses in many fields.Almost all new sputtering equipment use powerful magnets to move the electrons in a spiral motion to accelerate the ionization of the argon gas around the target, resulting in an increase in the collision probability between the target and the argon ions.

  Increase sputtering rate.Generally, metal coatings mostly use DC sputtering, while non-conductive ceramic materials use RF AC sputtering. The basic principle is to use glow discharge in a vacuum to impact argon (Ar) ions on the target. On the surface, the cations in the plasma will accelerate to the surface of the negative electrode as the sputtered material. This impact will cause the target material to fly out and deposit on the substrate to form a thin film.

  Generally speaking, the use of sputtering process for film coating has several characteristics: (1) Metal, alloy or insulator can be made into film material.(2) Under appropriate setting conditions, a thin film of the same composition can be made from multiple and complex targets.(3) By adding oxygen or other active gases in the discharge atmosphere, a mixture or compound of target material and gas molecules can be made.(4) The target input current and sputtering time can be controlled, and it is easy to obtain high-precision film thickness.(5) Compared with other processes, it is more conducive to the production of large-area uniform films.(6) The sputtering particles are almost not affected by gravity, and the positions of the target and the substrate can be freely arranged.

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