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New type of titanium-aluminum alloy target manufacturing method


At present, the major sputtering target manufacturing plants in the world use two different methods for the manufacture of aluminum alloy sputtering targets. Made by spray molding.As far as known casting/forging methods are concerned, during the production of aluminum alloy sputtering targets, the addition of alloying elements often causes segregation of the aluminum alloy sputtering targets, which in turn makes the quality of the sputtering films poorer and The surface of the sputtering target is prone to produce micro-particles, which will also affect the uniformity of the film properties. If the aluminum alloy sputtering target is made by the known spray forming method, although the above-mentioned related disadvantages can be avoided, it will make the sputtering target The production cost is greatly increased, especially when making some sputtering targets that are not easy to forge and must use hot equalization, the cost will be increased due to the use of hot equalization.

In order to make the production process of titanium-aluminum alloy targets easier and lower cost, here is a method of making aluminum alloy sputtering targets with gas spray powder. Compared with the raw material powder of the sputtering target, the alloy powder is sieved to obtain the appropriate powder particle size, and finally the powder is vacuum hot-pressed to make the aluminum alloy sputtering target.This method of making aluminum alloy sputtering targets with air spray powder can be applied to the production of various aluminum alloy sputtering targets (aluminum-chromium, aluminum-silicon-copper, aluminum-titanium, etc.). The preferred implementation steps are: provide metal raw materials for making aluminum alloy sputtering targets and melt them into molten metal; then, use the gas spray method to make metal powders from the molten metal; finally, heat the metal powders with vacuum Formed into aluminum alloy sputtering target material, and pass inert gas as shielding gas.This method can avoid the shortcomings of material segregation and microparticles, and make high-quality sputtering targets faster and cheaper.

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