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Development prospects of sputtering targets industry in my country



Sputtering targets are showing a momentum of rapid growth in the international and domestic markets, and the era of large-scale application and industrialization has arrived.The development trend of the target industry is first of all market differentiation, and products with lower technical content will gradually face more fierce competition.Many small target companies have flexible mechanisms and low production costs, which will make the low-end target market form a price war-based model; and targets in the high-end industry markets such as magnetic recording, semiconductors, and solar energy will continue Presenting a technology-led trend, target suppliers with advanced technology at home and abroad will have an absolute advantage in the competition, and coating manufacturers will have a stronger dependence on target suppliers.


Sputtering targets will show uneven development in different application fields.In the decorative coating industry, the product transformation of coating manufacturers, the production capacity of sputtering targets is relatively saturated, and the room for growth is limited.In the tool coating industry, foreign target companies will grow steadily, but the speed will not be too fast; while domestic target companies are in the development stage due to the high-end coating market tool coating target materials. With the successful product development, domestic target materials will have a price advantage Will win a certain market for domestic target manufacturers.The scale of the magnetic storage industry will continue to expand, the targets for magnetic recording will also flourish, and the international and domestic markets will have a large growth..The semiconductor industry requires a wide range of target materials, each of which is used in a large amount. The foreign technology is mature and the research and development force is strong, and it will be in a leading position for a long time..The solar energy industry has huge potential for development. In the next 5 to 10 years, a new green energy industry revolution will be set off.It can be predicted that solar photovoltaic power generation will occupy an important seat in the world’s energy consumption in the near future. It will not only replace some conventional energy sources, but also become the main body of the world’s energy supply..With the further explosive growth of the solar energy industry, sputtering targets for solar cells will usher in a new round of large-scale growth.


The development of sputtering targets will form a situation where technology and service determine the success or failure of an enterprise.Target companies with strong technical force, a wide range of R&D products and several unique products will gain the right to speak in the market competition.The expansion of scale has increased the requirements for funds in the sales process, increased the amount of funds occupied, and lengthened the turnaround time, all of which pose higher challenges to the operation and management of target companies.The expansion and development of the coating industry will intensify the competition in this industry, and will have higher requirements for the product and service of target suppliers..Target suppliers with good pre-sales and after-sales services will be favored by coating manufacturers.


Increasing the utilization rate of sputtering targets is also the trend of target development.Conventional cuboid and cylindrical magnetron sputtering targets are solid, and a ring-shaped permanent magnet is used to establish a ring magnetic field on the surface of the target material, and an etched area is formed on the ring surface at equal distances between the shafts, thus affecting the thickness of the deposited film Uniformity, the utilization rate of the target material is only 20%~30%.The rotating cylindrical magnetron sputtering target that is being promoted and applied at home and abroad is a hollow round tube, which can rotate around a fixed strip magnet assembly, can etch the target surface uniformly at 360 degrees, and the target utilization rate is as high as 80%.


With the rise of low-carbon economy, energy conservation and environmental protection are strategic elements that need to be considered for corporate development.Target materials serve the energy-saving and environmental protection industry. As far as the industry is concerned, it also needs an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly production environment. On the one hand, this is to meet the needs of the development of the entire industry, and on the other hand, it is also a guarantee for establishing a corporate image and winning customer confidence..The existing small-scale target production plants in China must be modified in equipment and operating environment, otherwise it will not only be difficult to develop in scale, but will even face the risk of closure.


In general, the target industry has a bright future.The rapid expansion of the coating industry and the rapid expansion of market demand will undoubtedly drive the rapid development of the target market.In addition, the new material field to which the target belongs has received great attention and strong support from the country..With the increasing demand for the coating market and increased national support, a group of target companies will quickly grow up, become leaders in the target industry, drive the development of the industry, and create considerable economic and social benefits


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