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A new turning method of tungsten-titanium Sputtering targets



Tungsten Titanium TargetMade for powder metallurgy process.The usual tungsten-titanium cemented carbide materials can be processed by grinding methods to ensure the surface quality.However, the processing of tungsten-titanium targets needs to involve the processing of circular arcs or irregular shapes, and the grinding method is difficult to process shapes with arcs or tapers..Therefore, the tungsten-titanium target can only be processed by turning.However, on the one hand, tungsten is brittle at room temperature, in powder form, and has high hardness; on the other hand, titanium alloy has high strength and high hardness, and when titanium is in powder form, it is easy to burn.The tungsten titanium target combines the above two characteristics.The above reasons lead to the requirement of large equipment power when turning and processing tungsten-titanium target materials, and the molds and tools should have high strength and hardness..This article introduces a new turning method of tungsten-titanium target.

The turning method of this tungsten-titanium target material is characterized in that it comprises: providing a tungsten-titanium target material and a backing plate; welding the tungsten-titanium target material and the backing plate together to form a tungsten-titanium target assembly; using a first tool Perform first turning of the tungsten-titanium target in the tungsten-titanium target assembly, and the included angle of the cutting edge of the first tool is 80°; after the first turning, the tungsten-titanium target The back plate of the assembly is processed; after the back plate of the tungsten-titanium target assembly is processed, a second tool is used to perform a second turning on the blank of the tungsten-titanium target, and the second tool The cutting edge angle is 35°?55°.Ensure that the quality of the final tungsten-titanium target product is good, and at the same time, the method can effectively slow down the wear of the tool and increase the service life of the tool.


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