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About thermal spray rotating Sputtering targets


The microstructure of the thermal spray rotating target is round cake-like flat fine grains, and the grain orientation is parallel to the direction of the rotation axis.There are a large number of micron-level pores in the organization, and the overall porosity is as high as 5-20%.The number and shape of the pores strongly depend on the coating material, spraying technique and gas flow rate used.The pores are directly related to the environmental humidity in the preparation and storage of the target, and the adsorption and desorption of oxygen.Therefore, the thermal spraying target must use an isolated backing pump to remove the adsorbed gas on the surface before sputtering..

Thermal spraying can use coating materials of rods, wires and powder particles, which will not evaporate before melting, so the thermal spraying target technology is suitable for various materials such as metals, alloys and ceramics..Fusion casting target technology is limited to metal or alloy materials whose melting point matches the casting equipment. Brittle ceramics are not suitable for casting. If the melting point is too high, special casting equipment is required..And some ceramic materials will sublime or decompose before reaching the melting point.

The thermal spray rotating target is to spray the coating material directly on the liner, without additional bonding process.This is the same as direct casting of low melting point metals (melting point less than 450°C) and integral strip casting.However, somesoftmetals with higher melting points, such as Ag, must be bonded separately.

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