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How to clean the sputtering targets



The purpose of target cleaning is to remove dust or dirt that may exist on the surface of the target.Metal targets can be cleaned in four steps:

The first step is to clean with a lint-free soft cloth soaked in acetone;

The second step is similar to the first step to clean with alcohol;

The third step is to clean with deionized water.After cleaning with deionized water, place the target in an oven and dry at 100 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes.It is recommended to use a “lint-free cloth” to clean the oxide and ceramic targets.

The fourth step is to flush the target with high-pressure and low-moisture argon to remove all impurity particles that may cause arcing in the sputtering system.

Note: When using the target material, please wear clean and lint-free protective gloves. Never touch the target material directly with your hands..

In order to avoid short circuit and arcing caused by the unclean cavity during the sputtering process, it is necessary to remove the spatter accumulated in the middle and both sides of the sputtering track in stages, which also helps the user to continuously perform at the maximum power density. Sputtering.


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