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We manufacture sputtering targets and accessories for your business!

We have excellent mechanical processing equipment and advanced testing equipment. There is a professional and skilled technical team to provide customers with personal and professional services. producing each accessory in strict accordance with ISO9001 standard. We have more than 3000 square meters of factory, 1000 square meters of warehouse. 100% real factory, warmly welcome to visit!



Our company is mainly engaged in the production and processing of alloy targets: tantalum, niobium, zirconium hlau, huv, cobalt, vanadium, palladium, titanium alloy, lub hom phiaj ncaj, ntau lub hom phiaj, tube targets, cov hom phiaj hlau.


Our company’s warehouse contain semi-finished warehouse and finished warehousehas more than 1000 square meters. The products in the warehouse are arranged orderly and tidy for follow-up shipment.


Our company has a group of professional managers, technical staff, warehouse staff, production staff and quality control staff. There are enough staff to strictly produce products in accordance with ISO9001.


We have more than 100 advanced sputtering target manufacturing equipment and testing production lines. Existing punching machines, punching machines, shearing machines, CNC lathes, automatic lathes, lwm yam.

Our Company

Our strengths across a broad array of areas, as summarized below, make DK the ideal strategic business partner.
Product Quality
Our ability to produce top quality products economically enables our customers to stay ahead of their competition, All products be checked one by one swiss times .
Production Flexibility
Our tailor made production programs offer great flexibility to our customers.
Technical Excellency
We have the expertise and experience to constantly develop new programs and innovative products to meet our customer’s changing needs.
Product Liability Insurance
We always stand behind our product and have full Product Liability Insurance cover.
Growth Potential
We have the technical capacity, ambition and resources to grow with our customers, which we regard as key elements in a successful partnership.


    Shaanxi Zhongbei Titanium Tantalum Niobium Hlau Khoom Co., Ltd, Ltd.. yog ib lub tuam txhab suav tshwj xeeb hauv kev ua cov hlau tsis muaj hlau, pabcuam thoob ntiaj teb cov neeg siv khoom nrog cov khoom zoo thiab kev pabcuam zoo tom qab muag.

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