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Decrypt, the application of target material in vacuum electroplating


With the development of the times, in order to meet the requirements of being safer, more energy-saving, reducing noise, and reducing pollutant emissions, in the surface treatment process, vacuum plating has become a new trend in environmental protection..Unlike ordinary electroplating, vacuum electroplating is more environmentally friendly. At the same time, vacuum electroplating can produce a black effect with good gloss that cannot be achieved by ordinary electroplating..

Vacuum electroplating is basically a physical deposition phenomenon, in which argon gas is injected under vacuum, and argon gas hits the target material, and the separated molecules of the target material are adsorbed by the conductive goods to form a uniform and smooth surface layer..In this electroplating process, the target material is very important, so what are the applications of the target material in the vacuum electroplating process??Today, the editor will give you a detailed introduction.

Under normal circumstances, the application of target materials in vacuum electroplating has the following characteristics:

(1) Metals, alloys or insulators can be made into thin film materials.

(2) Under appropriate setting conditions, a thin film of the same composition can be made from multiple and complex targets.

(3) By adding oxygen or other active gases in the discharge atmosphere, a mixture or compound of target material and gas molecules can be made.

(4) The target input current and sputtering time can be controlled, and it is easy to obtain high-precision film thickness.

(5) Compared with other processes, it is more conducive to the production of large-area uniform films.

(6) The sputtering particles are almost not affected by gravity, and the positions of the target and the substrate can be freely arranged.

(7) The adhesion strength between the substrate and the film is more than 10 times that of the general vapor deposition film, and because the sputtered particles carry high energy, they will continue to diffuse on the film forming surface to obtain a hard and dense film. At the same time, the high energy makes the substrate only need Crystallized film can be obtained at lower temperature.

(8) High nucleation density at the initial stage of film formation, which can produce ultra-thin continuous film below 10nm.

(9) The target material has a long life and can be automatically and continuously produced for a long time.

(10) The target material can be made into various shapes, with the special design of the machine for better control and efficiency.

The above is the summary of the editor for everyone. Some characteristics of the application of target materials in vacuum electroplating. As a new technology product, the appearance of target materials is a major advancement in surface treatment technology..

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