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The influence of Sputtering targets purity and material uniformity on large-area coating production


The editor of the coating of the target material has been mentioned before, in the sputtering process, the quality of the target material is higher than that of the traditional material industry..In this article, the editor will continue to introduce the impact of the purity and material uniformity of the target material on the large-area coating. Come and learn about it~

The purity of the sputtering target material has a greater impact on the performance of the film to be coated.When the clean glass enters the high-vacuum coating chamber, if the purity of the target material is not enough, the impurity particles in the target material will adhere to the glass surface during the sputtering process under the action of electric field and magnetic field. Separation phenomenon appears firmly.Therefore, the higher the purity of the target, the better the performance of the deposited film.

For targets with poor thermal conductivity, such as SiA1 targets, the presence of impurities in the target often causes heat transfer to be blocked, or the difference between the cooling water temperature used in production and the actual coating line water temperature, etc., causes the target to crack during use. Minor cracks will not have a great impact on the production of coatings.However, when there are obvious cracks in the target material, the charge is very easy to concentrate on the edge of the crack part, which will cause abnormal discharge on the target surface..Discharge phenomenon will cause slag drop, abnormal film formation, and increased product scrap.Therefore, in the process of preparing the target, in addition to controlling the purity, the preparation process conditions should also be controlled.

For alloy targets, uneven material distribution often occurs, such as aluminum agglomeration in the SiAl target, segregation of aluminum in the zinc-aluminum target (the atomic mass of aluminum is 27 less than the atomic mass of zinc 65, and the aluminum is cooled during the cooling process after pouring. Will float up, causing high aluminum content on one side and low on one side).Due to the low melting point, the agglomerated Al in the SiA1 target is prone to dross during the sputtering film formation process, and the amount of A1 added during the spraying process is certain. When part of the agglomeration occurs, it indicates that the aluminum content in other locations is less, which affects the SiA1 target. The thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity of the film, resulting in inconsistent sputtering rate, poor film uniformity, cracking of the target material, aggravating the phenomenon of target discharge, and also reducing the quality of film formation.The segregation of target components will affect the sputtering rate (film uniformity) and film composition.Therefore, in addition to controlling the purity of the target material, the distribution of the material in the alloy target is also very important.

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