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Metal targets
Nickel target Ni, titanium target Ti, zinc target Zn, chromium target Cr, magnesium target Mg, niobium target Nb, tin target Sn, aluminium target Al, indium target In, iron target Fe, zirconium target ZrAl, titanium target TiAl, zirconium target Zr, aluminium silicon target AlSi, silicon target Si, copper target Cu, tantalum target Ta, germanium target Ge, silver target Ag, cobalt target Co, gold target Au, gadolinium target Gd, lanthanum target La, yttrium target Y, cerium target Ce, stainless steel target, NiCr, Hafnium Hf, Mo, FeNi, W, etc.
Ceramic targets
ITO targets, magnesium oxide targets, iron oxide targets, silicon nitride targets, silicon carbide targets, titanium nitride targets, chromium oxide targets, zinc oxide targets, zinc sulphide targets, silicon dioxide targets, silicon oxide targets, cerium oxide targets, zirconium dioxide targets, niobium pentoxide targets, titanium dioxide targets, zirconium dioxide targets, hafnium dioxide targets, titanium diboride targets, zirconium diboride targets, tungsten trioxide targets, aluminium trioxide targets tantalum pentoxide, niobium pentoxide targets Magnesium fluoride targets, yttrium fluoride targets, zinc selenide targets, aluminium nitride targets, silicon nitride targets, boron nitride targets, titanium nitride targets, silicon carbide targets, lithium niobate targets, praseodymium titanate targets, barium titanate targets, lanthanum titanate targets, nickel oxide targets, sputtering targets, etc.
Alloy targets
FeCo, AlSi, TiSi, CrSi, ZnAl, TiZn, TiAl, TiZn, TiZr, TiSi, TiNi, NiCr, NiAl, NiV, NiFe, etc. [1]
Development Editor Voice
Various types of sputtering thin film materials have been widely used in semiconductor integrated circuits (VLSI), optical discs, flat panel displays and surface coating of workpieces, etc. Since the 1990s, the simultaneous development of sputtering targets and sputtering technology has greatly met the needs of the development of various new electronic components. For example, in the semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing process, the lower resistivity of copper conductor film instead of aluminum film wiring: in the flat panel display industry, a variety of display technology (such as LCD, PDP, OLED and FED, etc.) of the simultaneous development, some have been used in computers and computers for display manufacturing; in the information storage industry, the magnetic memory storage capacity continues to increase, new magnetic optical recording materials These are the sputtering targets required for the quality of increasingly high requirements, the number of demand is also increasing year by year.

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