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Explain the knowledge of sputtering target medium frequency magnetron sputtering


Magnetron sputtering includes many types.Each has different working principles and application objects.But there is one thing in common: the interaction between the magnetic field and the electrons makes the electrons spiral around the target surface, thereby increasing the probability of electrons hitting the argon gas to produce ions..The generated ions collide with the target surface under the action of the electric field to sputter the sputtering target.In recent decades of development, everyone has gradually adopted permanent magnets, and rarely used coil magnets..

The principle of intermediate frequency sputtering is the same as that of general DC sputtering. The difference is that DC sputtering uses the barrel as the anode, while the intermediate frequency sputtering is paired. Whether the barrel participates must be determined by the overall design, and the entire system During the sputtering process, the arrangement of the anode and cathode is related. There are many ways to participate in the ratio cycle. Different methods can obtain different sputtering yields and different ion densities..

The main technology of intermediate frequency sputtering lies in the design and application of the power supply. At present, the more mature output methods are sine wave and pulse square wave. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. First, consider the type of film layer and analyze which power output method is suitable for which. Film layer, you can use the power supply characteristics to get the desired film effect.

The target is used for intermediate frequency targets, and some sputtering targets use three pairs.The targets are relatively large. As far as the intermediate frequency is concerned, most of the workpieces are plated with some metal..Such vacuum furnaces are generally made relatively large, which can lay down a lot of task parts, and the plated film is more dense..

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