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Analysis of the problem of poisoning and blackening of the target half after sputtering



Question: Reactive magnetron sputtering technology deposits zirconium nitride film, the target is two inches, the sputtering gas is argon, the reactive gas is N2, the power is 300W, the radio frequency power supply, the deposition is two hours, and the target is taken out after the completion. Look at the phenomenon described in the title, whether it is target poisoning or other reasons, but why only half of it appears?

  Reason analysis 1: It may be related to the introduction of radio frequency power

  Reason analysis 2: Such a small target, two inches?Is the cooling uniform?

  Reason analysis 3: 300W power is added to such a small target, can the cooling keep upIt is suspected that the cooling is not good, causing half of the black!

  Reason analysis 4: insufficient cooling.Is the temperature too high?

  Reason analysis 5: It may be related to the high power. I only dare to increase the power of the target with a diameter of 60 to about 100W.

  Cause analysis 6: Is the power supply stable in two hoursIt may be that the energy is too high, or it may be that the side of the target touches a grounded component

  Reason analysis 7: It is suspected that there is a problem with air tightness, personally think

  Solution 1: Suggestion 1) Check the gas uniformity; 2) Whether there is air leakage on one side?

  Solution 2: It is recommended to do an XPS analysis, or do the experiment again.

  Summary: Based on the above analysis, the main reasons that cause the target to be poisoned and black are excessively high temperature, unstable power supply, gas uniformity and air tightness.Check these possible main causes, and troubleshoot them step by step.

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